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Salam Lebaran
Monday, 20 August 2012 | 00:20 | 0 Awesome People

Assalamualaikum .  guys , it Eid Day :) So , me Maizathul Amiera binti Norzaimi would like to ask for forgiveness for all my wrongdoing whether i realise it or not in this year or last year . As usual my first day Hari Raya im at mu mum's village at Nilai . Then in the afternoon we going back to KL . My siblings theme this year is Orange :) yeah , i love orange . This year my baju kurung really simple because im a hostle student . Takda masa nak tempah baju . So on Friday me with my mum going to Nilai Square and choose my baju kurung . I brought 4pairs of baju kurung . My mum cakap nanti angkut bawa balik asrama , hehe :)

So , this is my siblings :) As you all know , im the only girl in my family . From right My third brother ( Arieff ) my youngest brother ( Aidiel ) , me :D , my angah ( Ashraf ) and the last one my eldest brother ( Adzhim ) . For the first time in my life , im wearing the same colours with my siblings .

So , again . I want to grab this opportunity to ask for forgiveness to all my readers if there any mistake i have done to you all . If you al have time , please come to my house . Im going back to Penang on 26 August .
p/s : I still can get angpau because im only sixteen

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